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Swisspower Renewables

Swisspower Renewables was established as a joint venture to develop, purchase and operate renewable energy production facilities throughout Europe.

Swisspower Renewables AG allows Swisspower utilities to invest in onshore wind power plants and hydropower plants located mainly in Germany and in Italy. The company was set up in 2011 and cooperating Swisspower utilities have since been working consistently on developing and expanding its range of operations.

A joint venture of Swisspower utilities

With this cooperation, eleven Swisspower utilities are currently providing a major contribution to meeting the targets set out in Swisspower’s Masterplan 2050, which in the long run aims to supply Switzerland with renewable energy.

Production portfolio

Overall, the renewable energy facilities, which are owned by Swisspower Renewables AG via its national subsidiaries, provide around 236 MW in wind power and 73 MW in hydroelectric power.

Average yearly production of the 26 wind farms and 39 hydropower plants amounts to 650 GWh.